Jeff and I ( Stacia ) are the photographic team at Designer Images Photography. We believe your story is beautiful, and even the smallest life moments deserve to be photographed. Photographs are more than an image printed paper or posted on social media. They are a memory, a feeling, and a moment preserved for generations. We have the honor of photographing our clients happiest moments and capturing what matters most in life, love and family.

Jeff was born and raised in Pella, Iowa. A small town of less than 10,000 people. I was born and grew up in Portland, Maine. A northern city known for it’s lobsters. Fun fact:  Portland Head Light ( the world’s most photographed lighthouse ) is not located in Portland. It is slightly down the coast in Cape Elizabeth and still remains one of my most favorite places in the world.

We met at a photography convention in 2012 and soon after merged our two studio’s into one. We fell in love while working together and Jeff popped the question Nov. 1st, 2014. I said yes and our lives got much busier. Together we are a slightly smaller version of the Brady Bunch. With 4 children, two dogs and a tank full of tropical fish our house is hectic, noisy, and full of love.

We are getting married in March.

Aka ” Jaspi”
Professional Chewer

Enjoys barking at squirrels and everything else.
Rescued from a shelter at 11 months.
Mom loves him more than the 3 pairs of shoes, leather couch, 2 bike seats, eyeliner, electrical cords and countless other things he has chewed.
Loyal and full of energy.

Aka “Dodgy”
Professional Cuddler

Loves to be snuggled at all times.
Thinks he is a human.
Is a Moma’s boy.
Doesn’t realize how small he is.
Will smother you with kisses.